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The free app iGiveSDA is for Apple and Android phones.  It is in English and Spanish (coming soon).  If your church is not participating with online giving you can find out how your church can sign up.

What will iGiveSDA do for you?

iGiveSDA will show you what the offering is for every Sabbath.  Not only is the yearly offering schedule listed but also the offering appeal.  Some Sabbaths there is a 90 second video clip that can be downloaded and shown at church.

This is a simple and convenient way for people on the go to know what the Sabbath offering is for, no matter where you are.

Thank you for your financial faithfulness in returning tithe and giving offerings.  Where your treasure is that is where your heart is.  Remember, fund the mission to finish the work, God bless.

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Don't have an Android/Apple iOS device? No problem! Click here to download the Offertory Readings.